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Who we are

GO’s network project, values, governance

Board of Administrators on Jan. 12 2018

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Yves LEVEQUE, président
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Pierre VALLAURI, trésorier
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Charo CUART, représentante des partenaires
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Andreas MINDER, représentant des membres actifs
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Frank SEELER, représentant des membres sympathisants

Project and values
"Article 4 : Object
The general object of the association is the organisation of social utility actions related to responsible communication, environment, interculturality and citizenship"

Extract of statutes of august, 5 2013

"GOercn non profit organization (Graphistes de l’Ombre – European Responsible Communication Network), projects support, is a participative united network that thrives on local and European field educational programs making teachers, social workers, social workers and (young) professional of Communication and Design aware of ecological, fair and intercultural dimensions of their businesses."
_Extract of charter of december, 14 2014

"Article 5 : Members and colleges
The association is composed of natural and legal persons gathered in four colleges.

5.1 College of founding members
The college of founding members is composed of persons who were strongly involved in the process of creating and developping the association, and closely cooperate to the implementation of his object.

New founding members can be unanimously co-opted by existing founding members.

5.2 College of partners
The college of partners is composed of structures calling on the association’s services.

5.3 College of active members
The college of active members is composed of professionals who take part in association’s missions.

5.4 College of sympathiser members
The college of sympathiser members is composed of users who beneficit from association services."

Extract of new statute of august, 5 2013

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